Digital Transformation, Senior Consultant/Product Manager

Position Summary

​A product manager is responsible for the success of a product or service and has content authority for the product backlog.  A product manager is responsible for delivering the IT project on schedule within budget and with quality.  A candidate will identify customer needs, prioritize features, and develop the product’s vision and roadmap.  A candidate also takes responsibility for  continuously defining, prioritizing, and validating requirements.

​Job Responsibilities:

•Successfully execute the project to agreed schedule, budget and scope

•Perform the relevant project management processes as per Agile methodology

•Monitor and control the work to ensure that the project remains on track and in control

•Interface and communicate with project team, management and stakeholders

•Define the actual work that will be accomplished and the features that will be built within each release

•Groom existing product backlog with the business stakeholders

•Define, maintain and communicate product roadmap

•Review service level performance for product and outline service improvement plan where necessary